Rebecca – Process Solutions – Expedia

I feel happy, energised and excited for the future!

I enrolled onto High Performance coaching programme with Liz in April 2023 as I had been struggling with my development and growth as a result of underselling myself. I wanted to gain control of this and be in a better position to work on myself.

Within my first few sessions I started to feel happy, energised and excited! I am now self-assured in my skills and have swiftly become recognised at work as the go-to person for complex and priority projects.

I’m back into my running, I mentor a colleague at work, I go into the office on a regular basis, no more procrastination and I’m getting acknowledged at work as a High Performer.

I’ve now enrolled onto High Performance Mastery and I cant wait to see what the next 12 weeks brings.

Laura– Red Cloud Business Services Ltd – Staffordshire

“I live in alignment with my goals”

I reached out to Liz in June 2023 because I wanted to work on my personal growth and get clear about the way forward for me and my business.

I’ve learnt so much about myself and I actually feel stronger and take bold action which is something I have previously not done.

My productivity has improved and I don’t allow distractions. I’m always amazed by how much I get completed in one day. This leaves with me with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Coaching with Liz allows me to voice my thoughts without judgement or criticism. I enjoy my coaching hour because I get to focus on key matters that I would otherwise push aside.

I’m having fun whilst making sure I live in alignment with my goals and for me that’s my ultimate goal.

Liz – Headteacher – Staffordshire Moorlands

The answers are there!

As a leader it is important to have personal development of myself and team as a priority,  so when I heard about  the results from High Performance coaching curriculum, I knew it was something to invest in. I enrolled onto the programme in May 2023. Ive come away with an abundance of new ways of working, perspective and strategies to add to my skills and leadership style.

To ask ‘what would the best version of me do?’ has changed the way I respond to situations and I’m also making time to complete tasks properly and efficiently. These new habits has led to me  having more time to spend with my family and a feeling of accomplishment. This has accelerated progression of my goals for the year and I’m being led by my values to ensure  all of the work I do links with the core values of my personal and profession life.

Each session focusses on a new topic so I was learning and gaining new insight which I could use immediately both in my personal and professional life.

True support and genuine care

My coach is everything I could ask for. Liz holds a mirror up to me in a kind and supportive, yet honest, and helps me to see things clearly.

Ollie– Consul Valley Leisure Cheddleton

“One of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Taking the High Performance Programme in August 2023, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My productivity and energy has improved saving me at least 40 hours per week which means I have quality time with my family. I’ve created good working practices such as shorter meetings, delegate tasks and empower my team. I’ve also reviewed how I communicate and created healthy work life boundaries.

The programme has given me practical techniques to bring high performance habits into my life. I’m focussed on priority projects and delivering at a pace that is accelerating my business plans for 2023 and into 2024.

My physical health has improved and I’m fitter now then I have been in over 3 years. I love the non negotiables I have created as part of the programme which makes me consistent each day and has contributed to my overall success.

The 12 sessions focused on areas of my life that has given me insight about myself, that has completely changed my outlook on life.

Karl– Financial Consultant Services Ltd – Staffordshire

“I ‘ve smashed my business targets!”

I contacted Liz in September 2023 as I wanted to work on myself and learn new leadership strategies to help me navigate work challenges within my business.

I have smashed my business targets by being consistent and using the high performance tools and techniques. I’ve made bold decisions which has opened up new opportunities for 2024. I know how to approach business situations with confidence because I have gained important leadership skills like influencing and planning.

Over the weeks we focused on my strengths, which helped me realise I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in my field. I started making decisions and taking action on my business and personal life that I had previously put off for months.

I now make time to connect with friends and family time is a priority for me. I feel re energised and productive which makes me very happy.

Claire – Director – Stoke on Trent

I got my dream job

In August 2022 I reached out to Liz as I was at a crossroads in my career. Liz gave me some great tools to allow for a new perspective. We started looking at what was holding me back and getting to the crux of this helped me to believe in my performance, my abilities, which has helped me move onward and upwards in my career. The investment in coaching was the right move for me as I now have my dream job and feel like I can take on the world.

I always look to get the most out of each day and Liz now supports my team members and the results have been incredible.

Scott Commercial Manager Staffordshire

Coaching has helped in so many ways!

I’d seen so many online stories in which people had successfully achieved their goals by working with Liz and I thought this had to be worth a shot.

I connected with Liz last year to discuss challenges I had been struggling with in both my personal life and professional career. Liz helps in so many different ways, including helping me to get clear on what I wanted to achieve and to focus on what was important to me, my family but also what makes me happy! If you are thinking about speaking to Liz or working  with her, you will not be disappointed.

It is worth every minute! Thanks Liz

Layla – Diversity Manager – Newark

From darkness and confusion…

Before I saw Liz, things had been tough for me. I was feeling very down and lost and couldn’t see a way forward. Thankfully, in December 2022 I met Liz and joined High Performance Programme.

​… to hope and positive action

Just one hour spent with Liz and I had started to gain a new perspective . Liz is a fantastic coach who’s really helped me to rediscover my focus and positivity. For example, I can hardly believe that in just one week I went from doing no exercise at all to running 10 miles!

How Liz helped me change my life

Liz is totally committed to her coaching: she lives and breathes what she does. I’m so excited to keep working with Liz as I progress towards my life goals.

Thanks, Liz, for being an amazing coach!

Bradley Head of Sales Leek

How do I get where I want to be?

I’ve had various sessions with Liz, following a traumatic family business experience, which left me with my confidence completely shattered, I owe so much to Liz for everything she helped me with and allowed me to rebuild my confidence and overcome the challenges I’d been through.

​You can do this!

Liz is a wonderful coach with a powerful and genuine desire to see her clients progress, grow and get just where they want to be.

She promised to be with me every step of the way, and she certainly has. Thank you, Liz!

Hannah Regional Manager Warrington

Finding ‘happy’!

Before I met Liz, I thought I could identify all the things in life that I wanted to change. However, I’ve discovered that we don’t always know what we truly want, and finding out takes clear thought, exploration and reflection. In fact, Liz’s coaching sessions shone a light on what I really needed to change in my life and took me in a completely different direction from the one I’d been following.

Liz, you’re amazing!

Liz’s support was thought-provoking and often made me realise that actually, I already had the answers… Thank you, Liz, for helping me realise my own potential.
If you’re struggling or feeling lost, I strongly recommend you to give Liz a call!

John Lowe Senior Manager Vodafone – Strategy & Planning

Huge “thank you” for facilitating my Ops Readiness Team Day. I was keen to kick off the year with a team day that was dedicated to “personal development” and bring something a little different to the table vs. the traditional Personal Development process/terminology.

I wanted to run a session that would resonate with the whole team (27 members with a mix of differing roles) and ultimately get them to stop and think about their own personal development, take ownership of it, and gain some great practical tips on how to actually go about it.

The effort you put into prepping and tailoring the session (3 x prep sessions with me), along with your brilliant delivery of the material on the day was superb, it was a great mix of teaching, interactive slots along with brilliant supporting stories, suffice to say I’d happily recommend it as worthwhile exercise for any team and there business.

Kim Morgan – Vice President Business Change at Davies Group

Signed up to Liz’s recent coaching offer to see if she could do anything with my hectic personal life that constantly seems to get in the way of my secret ambition. I left VERY happy…. for the first time in about 25 years, I benefited from a 2 hour coaching session that was not about the company, not about my other half, not about the kids, the pets, the house… it was 100% all about ME.
The biggest thing I took away from the session, is that Liz has made me accountable for the work I need to put in to achieve my goals. No more excuses!
Thank you Liz – hoping next time I see you it will be under different circumstances! 

Sharon Ward – Personal Assistant to Health System Director Nuffield Health North Staffs Hospital

I attended one of Liz’s group coaching sessions a while ago at a local gym. She really was great and made you look and think about things from a totally different perspective. She uses different techniques throughout the session and helped to set achievable goals, one step at a time. She was very professional, compassionate, caring and thoughtful about everyone’s individual circumstances and helped us to think and write down goals and things we all wanted to achieve.

I would definitely recommend Liz for sure and she will help you, whatever your needs every step of the way – You’ll See 

Stef Morgan – Technical Delivery manager

I went to see Liz after I had got married. All the focus and attention had been on that one day and I felt a bit lost. Liz helped me conquer the inner voice in my head that was fundamentally letting me down. I was letting myself down by listening to my inner saboteur. Liz also helped me learn to plan my day, week, month, year and if it wasn’t on my plan it’s was ok to say No!. I highly recommend Liz , she has helped me quit smoking, helped me regain control on my finances and maintain my weight loss, well with a little extra loss here and there .
If you are struggling to see the wood from the trees Liz can help you get the clarity and focus you need to meet your goal .

You are amazing Liz keep going you help so many people more than you know xx

Chris Toplass – Programme Manager

Ive always been driven and ambitious, but I had no clear plan to achieve any of my goals. After the birth of my second child, I was really struggling to balance family, work and downtime: there simply didn’t seem to be enough time for the things I needed or wanted to do. Getting my life back on track should, I thought, have been simple and straightforward yet it had become unachievable, which I found deeply frustrating.

I reached out to her to see if there might be an opportunity to work together. We started with a chat to help Liz understand what I wanted and the things that have held me back. Very quickly, I saw that it was my behaviour and actions that had prevented me from achieving my goals. I felt empowered to take action and, with a few small changes and new strategies, I started to overcome the obstacles.

What struck me was the clarity of the ideas and processes Liz teaches. The steps are simple to implement, which made it really easy for me to make a fresh start in the right direction. It’s been hugely liberating to discover that with just a few small tweaks you can make a massive difference to your happiness both in and outside work.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsatisfied about where your life or career is heading, why not reach out and talk to Liz?  You might just find the missing piece of the puzzle that will make you truly happy!

You are amazing Liz keep going you help so many people more than you know xx

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