Are you a great role model?

As a high performer, I’m clear on my roles in life and approach to fulfilling all of them. We all have many roles in life, Parent, Sibling, Friend, Business Owner, Manager and so on. I’m clear on how I want to show up with my priority role being a Mother.

It’s important for me to be a role model to them. I’m very open about ups and downs of life. I’ve made mistakes and I think its crucial to show life is not perfect but you can still get up and keep going.

I will always be on a learning curve as a parent. We’ve had highs and lows throughout the years with the last 2 being the most painful with the loss of their step sister.

I share the belief I have in both of them to achieve whatever they aim for in life. They know how to put the work in and to keep going when times are tough.

We are all role models for everyone around us and you will never know who you are inspiring, but we all influence by our actions and the way we approach life.

Who is your role model?

Think of who your role model is both past and present.

Why did they inspire you?

How did they go about their day to day living. Maybe you liked the way they interacted with you and others.

Within my High Performance programme we look at role models and influencing.

Who do you need to be stepping up for?

This is an important and powerful high performance question. It maybe you need to be stepping up more for your team, your partner or your business.

Look at what key actions you could take to step up more and become the role model and high performer you want to be.

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you showed up. You gave it your absolute best and you were the person you aimed to be, living your life to the fullest.

That’s what High Performers do.

It’s comforting to have someone to discuss ideas, share options, and talk things through. Whether you’re striving to lead a team or seeking personal growth, we all need a trusted confidant who we can share our struggles and concerns with. 

Together, we can navigate any doubts, concerns and insecurities you may have. But it is important to understand that during these moments of vulnerability that having a coach by your side becomes invaluable.

Ive always been blessed with the knowledge that life is precious and I waste no time living my life with meaning, courage and being fearless. You deserve the same too.

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I believe in you…..You’ll See.

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