Coaching has changed my life.

When your client shares that your coaching has changed their life, it’s a reason to shout it from the rooftops.

I am full of respect for all of my clients and Rebecca Jackson is no exception. We started working together in April and within weeks I could see how much happier and confident she was and looking forward to explore everything she had previously put off or talked herself out of. Rebecca is living her life like never before.

It is totally rewarding to witness my client break throughs, wins and successes and Rebecca is a different person to who I met 5 months ago. She has the biggest smile and turns up to every coaching session with bags of energy. She now puts herself on a higher level of priority and importance without feeling guilty or selfish.

A few words from Rebecca

Improved self-confidence – worrying about what others think of me is something I have struggled with. Liz has helped me gain back my confidence. I now go into meetings feeling assured in my abilities and knowledge, actively participating and challenging peers where needed. I’m seeing results including, improved trust with colleagues and stakeholders. I have high standards for myself, so this means if I’ve experienced any project delays or something hasn’t been perfect I no longer focus on what others think of me and stop trying to please everyone. I now focus on making sure the situation has the right outcome (which my Manager has definitely noticed!)

I use High Performance Habits – Ive learnt new leadership skills including the art of influencing change. I recently got great feedback on a launch I delivered in August. My stakeholders are now seeing me as a trusted ally and asking for my support and advice. I’m feeling a huge sense of accomplishment every day.

My Energy Levels have increased – I go to work every Monday feeling way more engaged and excited than I ever have and I no longer have ‘Sunday Scaries’. I definitely love my weekends, but I no longer dread them finishing!

Further support

It’s comforting to have someone to discuss ideas, share options, and talk things through. Whether you’re striving to lead a team or seeking personal growth, we all need a trusted confidant who we can share our struggles and concerns with. Together, we can navigate any doubts, concerns and insecurities you may have. But it is important to understand that during these moments of vulnerability that having a coach by your side becomes invaluable.

Ive always been blessed with the knowledge that life is precious and I waste no time living my life with meaning, courage and being fearless. You deserve the same too.

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