Strictly Come Leadership

This weeks BLOG is inspired by my visit to Manchester on Saturday, to watch the FAB – UL – OUS Strictly Tour. I am a huge strictly fan and it got me thinking about the winners and why we vote for them and cheer when they get the glitter ball.💫

Here are some common factors

We see the effort being put in and how they consistently show up, ready to give it their all. Willing to learn and increase their knowledge. They stand ready to be judged by millions and take feedback on board. Contestants put trust in their professionals, listen to the advice, training and coaching and take action. They are humble. Grateful for the support from their team mates, audience and judges.

Bringing all this together creates results and you’re naturally influenced to place your vote.

So what has strictly got to do with Leadership💃?

Great leaders influence us. We are always drawn to leaders who show the same qualities. We appreciate a Manager who is willing to show vulnerability and a growth mindset.🧠

I’m sure you can all name a manager that consistently demonstrated great work ethics. Leaders who consistently showed up, amazing knowledge and the ability to listen to those around them. Always keen to learn new ways of working and challenge themselves. They gain your respect because the demonstrate role model behaviour.👏

Master the art of Influencing

Within my IGNITE90 programme we look at infuencing in detail. You cannot lead or manage a team until you know who you are and what you stand for.

We don’t believe the message if we don’t believe the messenger. Who you are, how you show up in life, the actions you take, and the values and principles you enact are closely watched by the world.

The world’s highest performers are remarkably influential.

Think of a person or a group you are trying to influence.🤔

Let’s book a 45 minute Game Plan call to look at how influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career.

Plus, give you a few tools and concepts that will raise your level of action and influence.

Why do I offer a free call?

I’ve coached 100’s of clients who have achieved career success and I want the same for you.

‘That’s what I do best.’

Please book me in📱

And in the meantime……Keep Dancing.💃💃💃

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You’ll never glance backward; instead, like my clients, you’ll evolve into a high-performing manager, reclaiming control of your life on your terms.

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Managment shouldn’t be lonely, but an empowering role full of growth, accomplishment and achievement.

I believe everyone can get to where we want to be with belief, knowledge and support rather than hoping your efforts get recognised.

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I believe in you…..You’ll See.

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