What are your Non Negotiable’s for living?

High performers know what they stand for and the person they want to be therefore are clear on what they are working towards and the daily habits required to make their day great every single day.

We’ve recently looked at our ‘Non Negotiables’ of must have habits in our day.

‘Non-negotiables’ refers to principles, standards, or conditions that are considered essential and cannot be compromised or negotiated. These are the core values, requirements, or boundaries that a High Performer is unwilling to change or compromise upon.

High Performance Habits create energy, courage, fun, productive days, every day and therefore become the pillars of High Performance.

Here are my top 3 ‘Non-negotiables’ in my daily routine which supports me as I work towards my goals.

Morning Routine

Getting up early is a must. No snoozing the alarm and I resist the urge to check in on our social media or emails.

Making your bed. Starting your day by completing a simple task like making your bed can give you a sense of accomplishment.

Plan your day. Before you switch onto the world think about what you would like to achieve.


Drinking water and exchanging your morning cuppa for a drink of water.

Adequate hydration is crucial for optimal brain function. Drinking water in the morning can help improve cognitive performance, concentration, and alertness throughout the day.


Do whatever you enjoy but take action and pursue regular exercise.

Sometimes it hard to go to the gym but, make decisions based on what you should do and not what your emotions are telling you to do.

You know that you always feel better for exercising and it gives you more energy.

Here’s my challenge to You!

This week I want you think about what your ‘Non Negotiables’ are?

What high performance habits are important for you and how can they become part of your week.

These habits will bring you a great day, week and month that you deserve.

It’s comforting to have someone to discuss ideas, share options, and talk things through. Whether you’re striving to lead a team or seeking personal growth, we all need a trusted confidant who we can share our struggles and concerns with. 

Together, we can navigate any doubts, concerns and insecurities you may have. But it is important to understand that during these moments of vulnerability that having a coach by your side becomes invaluable.

Ive always been blessed with the knowledge that life is precious and I waste no time living my life with meaning, courage and being fearless. You deserve the same too.

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I believe in you…..You’ll See.

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